David Bowie at 45

Stardust to dustbuster

For the second time in less than a month, David Bowie has issued clear, yet rather polite, statements of disengaging as a performance artist. Having entered my little Bowie-addiction so late in the game, I’m almost certain that I will never see David Bowie perform live. It saddens me a bit; however, do I really want to see a 65+ year old David Bowie trying to resurrect a 40-year-old version of himself?

Pretend I'm Steve Martin in The Jerk... except with longer hair.

The Asian Jerk. That’s me.

During my last summer in college, I interned at a marketing agency in San Francisco. Oddly, despite being in San Francisco, this marketing agency only had one other Asian working there (I know… seriously?). One day, during a company party, everyone had gathered on two long picnic tables outside. Enjoying my new found co-workers, I happened to look over at the other picnic table and saw the other Asian there. I thought to myself, “Ha, that looks funny… that single Asian girl sitting amongst all those white people.”

What’s with a schmasian?

Apparently I’ve been “Asian-American” all my life. But nobody told me. Having moved from Hawaii to the East Coast, I’m suddenly the minority in a country I thought I knew well. Sound odd? Trust me, it feel slightly odd.  It’s as if they switched all the characters during intermission in this play called my life.  The […]