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Why Squarespace Logo makes me so happy.

I hate creating logos. I can’t think of a more painful, less rewarding, undervalued task that I, as a graphic designer, can undertake.

When I saw that Squarespace Logo was a new online service that literally allows anyone to create a logo for $10, I didn’t complain like some other designers.

I rejoiced.

Top 3 reason why I love Squarespace Logo

1.  It’s an extension of democratic design.

I love Ikea for championing democratic design (design for the masses) in home decor.  This is a step towards democratic design in graphic design.  The rich shouldn’t be the only ones with fabulous business cards.

2.  I have an alternative to refer people to.

Since it already feels like I’m in a confessional, I admit that I’m a sucker for helping people.  When some says that they can’t afford my service rates, I fold-up like a lawn chair.  ”Ok, I’ll do it for $50!”  Then I proceed to slave-away for 40 hours because I can’t bring myself to produce work that I’m not happy with even when I “said” I would only work a few hours on it.

Now I can, with good conscience, empower my clients who don’t have the budget with a tool that they can use.

3.  Share my joy (or pain).

Despite my declaration of hate towards designing logos, I must admit that if it does click, it’s a great feeling.  This tool lets everyone experience the joy (or pain) associated with the design process.

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