Obama is not Asian

Before you call me master of the obvious, let me just point you to California Rep. Mike Honda who said that Obama is America’s first Asian-American president. First, let me disclose that I consider myself a Republican. However, I am voting for Obama in 2012. Take away what you will.

It’s not that I don’t wish Obama was Asian (that would be excellent!).  In fact, I was ignorantly drawn to the article (what?! Obama is Asian?!! I didn’t know!). However, I was gravely disappointed and stupid to find out Obama isn’t really Asian (drat!).  I was even more put off to learn that Rep. Mike Honda was supporting his statement by saying that “you cannot come out of Hawaii and not have an Asian approach to things.” Absolutely, 100% untrue. I’m not saying that Obama doesn’t have Asian influences, but to assume that someone does just based on the fact that they were raised in Hawaii if overly presumptuous. Trust me, the “Aloha” doesn’t touch every person raised in Hawaii.

He also calls pidgin “a native Hawaiian language” and cites Obama’s ability to use it as adding to his “Asian-ness”. I’m sorry, but Hawaii Pidgin English is a creole language and although was influenced by the Hawaiian language it is not a native Hawaiian language. English and Hawaiian languages are both official languages of the state of Hawaii.  I guess from the amount of “k’den” and “da kine” you hear in a single conversation with a local, one could suppose that Pidgin English is probably a more accurate choice.

Okay, maybe I feel slightly stupid for being drawn in by the article headline, but I just had to point out the inaccuracies of Rep. Honda’s argument. Sure, I wouldn’t mind Obama being called “America’s first Asian-American president”, but don’t back it up with false support.

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