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Fisher, University of Texas and affirmative action coming to the Supreme Court

Affirmative action is in the news again, almost 10 years after the Supreme Court upheld the use of race consideration in public university admissions. This time, the attack comes from Abigail Fisher who says that the only reason she was not admitted to her beloved University of Texas was because of her race.  At the center of this controversy is the University of Texas who is very transparent about their admissions policies and the use of race in admissions process.

I’m a minority, and frankly, I have been against affirmative action since I entered college 20 years ago.  To be honest, I’m still surprised that it still actively exists.

I’m glad that the rules are being tested again, as many things should be.  Things that once were necessary, become antiquated dead weight in our changing society.  Hooray for Abigail Fisher for taking a very unpopular stand.  Any non-minority challenging affirmative action will most likely be viewed as an entitled, self-righteous crybaby. And how would you like to be viewed as the one who started the end of affirmative action? No hero status there.

Don’t worry kids, I have a lot more to say about affirmative action. I actually wrote a paper against affirmative action in college. It’s not that I don’t want to see more minority students in college.  I just know there’s a better way, and it’s not in the form of arbitrarily bumping people due to race.  Looks like it’s time for a follow-up essay.

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