Pretend I'm Steve Martin in The Jerk... except with longer hair.

The Asian Jerk. That’s me.

During my last summer in college, I interned at a marketing agency in San Francisco. Oddly, despite being in San Francisco, this marketing agency only had one other Asian working there (I know… seriously?). One day, during a company party, everyone had gathered on two long picnic tables outside. Enjoying my new found co-workers, I happened to look over at the other picnic table and saw the other Asian there. I thought to myself, “Ha, that looks funny… that single Asian girl sitting amongst all those white people.”

… wait a second…

Like how things go in slow motion when you accidentally trip or drop something fragile, it dawned on me. That’s what I look like. I’m that Asian girl.

Remember Steve Martin in the movie The Jerk? For all of you who were born after the Carter administration, here’s that moment Steve Martin’s character realizes that he’s not black.

Anyway, so that’s me. The Asian Jerk.

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