David Bowie at 45

Stardust to dustbuster

The Official David Bowie camp just issued a statement regarding the upcoming David Bowie exhibit at VA:

Contrary to recently published reports relating to the announcement by the V&A of an upcoming David Bowie Exhibition, I am not a co-curator and did not participate in any decisions relating to the exhibition… A close friend of mine tells me that I am neither “devastated”, “heartbroken” nor “uncontrollably furious” by this news item. (source: Official David Bowie Facebook Page

For the second time in less than a month, David Bowie has issued clear, yet rather polite, statements of disengaging as a performance artist. Having entered my little Bowie-addiction so late in the game, I’m almost certain that I will never see David Bowie perform live. It saddens me a bit; however, do I really want to see a 65+ year old David Bowie trying to resurrect a 45-year-old version of himself? Don’t get me wrong, I actually find mature David Bowie more attractive than David Bowie circa 1975 (although I must admit that David Bowie at 45 makes me melt). However, his most appealing characteristic has been his ability to change as an artist, to explore and follow his flow. Many have tagged him as a recluse rock star. I don’t think he has even thought about it much. I would speculate that he is enjoying the moment as he always has. The moment just happens to not include being a pop star.

The more David Bowie disengages with being a public performer; the more I love him. (Damn you Bowie!) I’ve read that you shop in New York’s Chinatown on occasion. Time to practice my Cantonese and hope to run into you over some won bok.

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