American Eagle Asian - I approve

Geeky hope for me

As I opened my inbox today, there was Sandy featured front and center on my American Outfitters newsletter, which makes me wonder if they somehow knew I was Asian (why do I feel like I’m being watched?).

In any case, I was like “right on! Asian girl!” and clicked through to their website (yes, I know, sucker). I found Sandy at the top of the list (typical of us Asians). Heck, I even watched the video (good job you AE marketers).  I’m like “That’s me! But prettier!” (I kid you not.) Which makes me wonder if I fit all the Asian stereotypes that the American media spews out.

Regardless, I’m a bit past shopping at American Eagle (that’s me circa 2002), but I like their campaign and their down-to-earth Sandy.

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